WEBAIC Newsletter
February 21, 2011

Time Certain 7pm, Council Chambers - 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way (between Center & Allston)

Please Attend Tomorrow To Ensure A
Sustainable, Equitable, and Diverse West Berkeley & City,
A West Berkeley That Works For All Its Citizens

Tomorrow's hearing at a time-certain 7pm is your last official opportunity to let the decision makers know that you believe in a City that provides jobs and opportunity for all its citizens, a city that values the creative work of the hands in concert with the creative work of the mind, a city that values green collar and green tech in a productive balance, a city that seeks to be a true beacon of social justice whose policies provide not just lip service, but real economic clout to these ends, a city that understands our society needs to continue to sustainably make the things we deem necessary for our lives, a city that values the physical, intellectual, and financial effort put in by generations of industrial and artisan business owners who provide the products we use every day, good jobs that have enabled generations of local families to raise their children here, and untold millions of dollars to the City for the services we all enjoy, and a city that understands that our strength lies in our economic and ethnic diversity, not the ongoing narrowing of this diversity that Berkeley continues to experience as employment and housing opportunities for those below the top economic strata disappear due to national and local governmental action or lack thereof.

The West Berkeley Plan and zoning, as expressed in the Industrial Protection policies and the WEBAIC positions below, play an irreplaceable role in realizing all the above aspirations.  By showing up tomorrow and showing support for these positions you can let the City Council know that you believe Berkeley should take a reasoned, balanced approach to the zoning that will create an inclusive and successful future economy and culture that embraces and inspires our entire community.

Support the WEBAIC Compromise Proposal on Protected Space To
Preserve Industrial & Artisan Lands, Enterprises, & Good Jobs

WEBAIC Positions to Achieve Responsible, Sustainable, & Equitable Development:

 • 1.) WEBAIC Compromise Proposal on Protected Wholesale Trade & Warehouse space: 

         Open up 100,000 sq ft, NOT ALL, protected Wholesale Trade/Warehouse space for R&D,
R&D pays on average $2.30 per sq ft vs. .60 cents to 1.00 for the Warehouse, Wholesale Trade, Manufacturing, Contracting,  & Arts & Crafts uses that will be displaced and denied the use of this space if R&D is allowed to occupy All protected Wholesale Trade & Warehouse space.  WEBAIC has agreed to provide millions of square feet for this space on large Master Use Permit sites and protected space already allowed to be R&D.

•  2.) No Office Parks in the Manufacturing (M) Zone on Master Use Permit sites

•  3.) Yes to 6 Master Use Permits in 10 Years – No to unlimited expansion of Master Use Permit sites

•  4.) Maintain Existing Height & Density Standards

•  5) No Retail in M, MM, & MULI Manufacturing Zones on Master Use Permit (MUP) sites

•  6.) No Full Parking Waivers for MUPs