March 19, 2009               

March 25th Planning Commission
on the West Berkeley Rezoning Project

On Wednesday March 25 at 7:00 at the North Berkeley Senior Center (corner of MLK & Heart) the Planning Commission will hold another important meeting to discuss the core issues of the West Berkeley Rezoning Project.

Some of the topics of discussion:

Should the existing Industrial Protections for Manufacturing, Warehousing, Wholesale Trade, Material Recovery Enterprise, and Arts and Crafts be retained or changed? 

Should Arts and Crafts, Construction yards, and Auto Repair Uses be able to be interchangeable with the above industrial uses?

What's the proper place for laboratory uses in W. Berkeley?

Under the Master Use Permit discussion these issues should
be addressed:

What size threshold should this permit have?

How much land would the Master Use Permit sites cover?

What kind of uses should be allowed on these sites?

What should the allowable building envelope be? Staff is suggesting raising the 45 foot height limit to 90 feet (the height of the Fantasy building) and doubling of building envelope now allowed by the zoning. The combination of these two provisions would result in a massive change in West Berkeley's built environment.

Should there be FULL parking waivers for these sites?

These are some of the issues that have been discussed at the stakeholder meetings with staff in the past week and will be reported on and discussed by the Planning Commission. 

Once again, a strong turnout by the industrial and art/artisan community is of great importance to the outcome of these deliberations as issues of critical importance to the viability of our sectors are on the table.

A newsletter with more detail on the above issues and more will arrive in your inbox before the upcoming meeting.

Thanks for your concern, time, and effort.  If you haven't already, please join your neighbors in this effort so we can continue to say for many years into the future, that

                   WEST BERKELEY WORKS!

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