June 8, 2009               

Important Planning Commission Meeting
on West Berkeley Project

7 PM - June 10th, North Berkeley Senior Center, NE corner of Hearst and MLK

Staff to present Fast-Tracked Zoning Proposals & Responses to Commission Questions
• Another WEBAIC Newsletter with detailed information on this meeting will follow this notice •

Planning Staff will make a presentation to the Planning Commission this Wednesday that will address many issues of importance to West Berkeley industry and arts. As of now the item isn't scheduled until at least 7:45. By Tuesday we'll email an update on the actual time the item should be heard.

The Core concept underlying WEBAIC's perspective on West Berkeley Project issues is: If a use can be conducted in an office environment it should not locate on the very limited (3-5%) amount of Berkeley land reserved for industrial/artistic production, distribution, repair, recycling/reuse, and supply. The provision allowing offices in the MULI should be maintained, but beyond that industrial and arts space should be preserved for the creation, distribution, and service of the physical products necessary for responsibly sustaining and enriching our lives and communities.

Staff's presentation will consist of two parts:

1.   Fast-track items - staff will be presenting their proposals on:

• Subdivision (demising) of space - Liberalization of discretion on dividing up industrial space

• Childcare - Location of Childcare uses in the industrial zones

• Incidental Retail - Permission for sale of goods made on site to be allowed after initial use permit given

• Parking Reductions in industrial zones

• Clarify Manufacturing/Warehousing/Wholesale Trade/Material Recovery Enterprise interchangeability language

2.  Staff's Responses to Planning Commission Questions Addressing:

• Master Use Permit Issues:
    - Office Uses on Master Use Permit Sites - (industrial protections on MUP properties)
    - MUP delineated benefits (negotiated vs. guaranteed benefits - what are the benefits)
    - MUP threshold size (how much of West Berkeley should become Master Use Permit sites)
    - Three acre MUP threshold Maps  (what they show - accuracy)
    - Potential Limitation on aggregation of sites for MUP eligibility (unlimited creation of MUP's?)
    - Full Parking Waivers on MUP sites

• Switching to NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) Codes from present SIC Code

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